2019 Ribera del Duero Harvest Vintage

November 5th, 2019


  • A total of 96 million kilos of grapes of excellent condition and very high quality were collected

  • This is a vintage that will be marked by a new pioneer quality management system in the sector, which the DO implemented this year


The Regulatory Council of the Denomination of Origin Ribera del Duero closed the 2019 harvest–which took place from September 12 through late October–with a total of 96 million kilograms of grapes collected in excellent condition and quality. In 2018, 125 million kilograms of grapes were harvested.

A total of 8,300 winemakers and 300 wineries participated in the harvest of the 23,371 hectares registered in the Denomination of Origin. Around 80% of the grapes were harvested by hand, resulting in a robust selection of bunches. This year’s harvest produced excellent quality grape production, both for young and aging wines.

The crop was less than usual, especially due to the small size and weight of the berries. However, the quality of the grapes is very high as a result of the surface/volume ratio of the berry, and due to the climatic conditions during ripening that allowed for a perfect evolution. Thus, it is a vintage marked by the production of wines that will be very well balanced with a deep color.

In short, winemakers are anticipating fresh and elegant wines with a very expressive nose and great balance in the mouth, especially highlighting the velvety of its tannins. The impeccable care and maintenance of the vineyards by the winemakers has been key to preventing possible pests and diseases.

Agustín Alonso, Technical Director of the Regulatory Council of Ribera del Duero, said, “The campaign has been of a normal duration as regards the whole, with the grape entries being concentrated mainly in the last week of September and the first of October. The wines produced in this campaign will not only delight the lovers of the lighter young and fresh wines, but also those of the Ribera guardian wine lovers, recalling to some extent the long-lived harvests of the last century.”

The vintage of 2019 will also be marked by a new pioneer management system in the sector that Ribera del Duero has begun to implement this year, based on an audit and self-control system. The entire harvest, both for wine growers and for wineries, has been managed online through an exclusive web application, complying with ISO / IEC 17065.