2019 Rueda Harvest Vintage Updates

November 5th, 2019


  • The excellent health of the grape and low rainfall during the harvest point to high-quality wines.

  • D.O. Rueda concluded the grape harvest with a total of 113,720,966 kilos of grape eligible for reception within the Designation of Origin. Of those, 99.13% are white grape. The native Verdejo variety accounted for 88.49% of the entire production, at 100,638,814 kilos.


The grape harvest began on August 27th with the Sauvignon Blanc variety, whose growing cycle is shorter than other varieties, and ripens earlier. On September 3rd, the harvesting of the Verdejo variety began, which was executed in accordance with ripeness indicators from each vineyard plot, seeking the best balance between strength and acidity.

“Despite the fact that this year there was a decrease in the harvest of 10% with respect to the previous campaign, we are very satisfied because this harvest features excellent grape health. There were no recorded phytosanitary problems with the vines, and thanks to the significant difference in temperature between day and night, the conditions in which the grapes were received by the wineries were optimum,” said Jesús Díez de Íscar, technical director of D.O. Rueda.

This year the grape harvest for D.O. Rueda had 1,581 grape producers and 67 wineries registered. In total, the registered area covered 18,020.59 hectares; an increase on 1,662.48 hectares with respect to last year. Of those, 97.57% (17,582.88 hectares) were white varieties, and of those, 87.71% were Verdejo.

“Thanks to the perfect health in which the grape has been harvested, balanced, high-quality wines are predicted for this 2019 harvest. When they come to market in a few months, we hope to surprise the consumer with the various products created from our native grape, the Verdejo. It is a variety which stands out for its versatility and allows our wineries and growers to opt for innovation, without losing support for traditional ways of working,” stated Carmen San Martín, president of D.O. Rueda.

Source: Regulatory Board of D.O. Rueda 983 868 248

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