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Trade Research Recap: Ribera y Rueda Awareness, Perception & Sales

By Pablo Aguero,

To help measure and improve the effectiveness of marketing efforts, the RyR campaign recently funded research on the awareness, perceptions, and sales of Ribera del Duero and Rueda wines in the U.S. Conducted by Wine Opinions, the leading provider of U.S. wine market research, the initiative focused on U.S. trade audiences. The qualitative research consisted of two online discussion groups, one group of 11 distributors and importers, and a second group of 10 on- and off-premise participants. The quantitative research, an online survey, was completed by 267 trade panelists and 121 members of the Ribera y Rueda trade database. We are excited to report the following key findings.

Wine Attributes

Participants most frequently cited style-related attributes when asked what sets Ribera del Duero apart from competing wines. They referenced the wines’ richness, boldness, full body, blend of old and new world styles, complexity, regional character and appeal for those who like Rioja. Another key advantage of Ribera del Duero is that it is more affordable than Napa and Washington Cabernet Sauvignon, Bordeaux, and Tuscan wines. Overall, trade audiences said that they view Ribera del Duero as a red wine that over-delivers quality for the price.

The research also revealed that Rueda is considered a “discovery” wine with broad taste appeal. A value wine, it can be positioned as a unique alternative for white wines consumers may be “bored” with, such as Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Grigio, and Albariño. Participants’ top mentions for what sets Rueda apart from competing wines, in addition to affordability and value, is its crisp and fresh taste.


Participants were positive about the specific aspects of the Ribera y Rueda campaign in which they had been involved or had experienced, including POS, trade trips, newsletters and promotional materials. They also complimented the knowledge of the Ribera y Rueda representatives they had worked with. Some participants even stated that they consider the Ribera y Rueda campaign among the best promotional campaigns they’ve seen.


We’re happy to report that the research showed a year-over-year increase in visibility of Ribera y Rueda wines on premise. The majority of participants reported growth in Ribera del Duero sales in the past year, and just under half reported growth for Rueda.

Participants attributed the growth of both Ribera del Duero and Rueda on the U.S. market to increased consumer interest. They again highlighted value as a growth factor for Rueda, and for Ribera del Duero, they emphasized affordability and the appeal for those seeking an alternative to Rioja.

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