Chef Profile: Xixón

November 24th, 2020

We recently sat down with Executive Chef Cristobal Lopez from Miami based Spanish restaurant Xixón to chat about why working with Ribera y Rueda wines is easy and delicious. We hope his thoughts inspire all your pairings!



  1. What sets RyR wines apart from other wine regions?

Tempranillo grapes in Ribera del Duero have a special tenderness and texture that is unique to the region. For me, Verdejo grapes add a special character to the Rueda region, they have a strong identity and sense of place.


  1. How easy do you find it to work with RyR wines?

It is so easy! The wines are diverse, so in general they are versatile and adaptable to so many recipes and pairings. 


  1. What’s your favorite pairing for RyR wines?

It’s not easy to choose one. Perhaps a “cocido” or stew with Ribera and a white fish with Rueda.


  1. How would you describe RyR wines to a customer?

Generous wines, with a big offer and a variety of tones and flavors. Very easy to drink.


  1. What would you recommend your customers look for in RyR wines?

A variety of flavors! I always try to ask what they want to eat first. Having that information, I will try to offer the best pairing for them