Aalto Bodegas y Viñedos
Aalto Bodegas y Viñedos

The AALTO project was founded in February 1999, in the prestigious winemaking region of Ribera del Duero (Spain). The foundational aim of Mariano Garcia and Javier Zaccagnini in AALTO was to make a wine that shows a different personality, of high quality and being a faithful reflection of distinct locations, blending them at the end of the aging process to obtain balance and complexity.

A few years later, in 2006, Masaveu and Nozaleda families joined AALTO, both owners of wineries in other wine regions of Spain, providing experience and stability to the project, which meant the consolidation of the winery to this day.

From its beginnings in 1999 until the harvest of 2004, the production of our wines took place in rented facilities in Roa (Burgos, Spain). While the project was being established, the founders began looking for a new place to locate their own new winery. A beautiful plot of 15 hectares belonging to the municipality of Quitanilla de Arriba (Valladolid) was chosen.

The first phase of the new winery was completed in 2005, being that year the first harvest that was produced in these facilities. The modern design chosen for this new winery was carried out only with the very highest quality criteria. The architecture of the winery is perfectly integrated into the environment, in a typical Ribera del Duero plateau, with a lineal and harmonic design without ostentation, and minimalistic details, elegant and comfortable. The second phase of the winery corresponding to the more social part of the winery was completed in 2016.

Abadia La Arroyada
Abadia La Arroyada

Bodegas Abadía la Arroyada was founded by Vicente Muñoz Muñoz in Terradillos de Esgueva. He comes from a family with a long viticulture tradition. As a matter of fact his grandfather, Vicente Muñoz Vivar, devoted himself to elaborate large quantities of wine. In addition, he sold this wine to the local inhabitants.It is worth saying that some of those vineyards planted by that Vicente Muñoz are still producing grapes for Abadía la Arroyada’s best wines.

Our commitment to quality in the winery begins when the grapes are received, since, when they arrive at the winery in the boxes, they are neither pumped, nor compressed, nor sampled, they go directly to a selection belt to eliminate possible clusters that do not respond to the expected quality, as well as leaves. From this point it goes to the destemmer (machine that removes the stem from the bunch), and from there to the tank where it will ferment.

All processes are extremely careful and monitored. The fermentation temperature of the tanks is controlled by the cold equipment through thermometric probes that control the circulation of cold water through the tanks.
The number of pumping overs with or without aeration is decided at the end of the harvest day according to the evolution of the fermentation and maceration of the wine. In addition, the pressing of the pomace is practically a drain, since very little pressure is applied to the pomace by means of the vertical press.
The rest of the processes are also careful, above all with the characteristics that the wine acquires from the fruits that our land, the RIBERA DEL DUERO, offers.

Wine Remounted

Finally, the aging of the wines is carried out in French, American and Hungarian oak barrels in our underground cellar, specially designed so that the oscillations of humidity and temperature are minimal, and that the air renewal is sufficient but not excessive. So that only the wood, time and the illusion of a family act on the wine.